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some cool adventures in OLD TOWN that we must share

Our Tours are inspired by the many historic places in Old Town, Alexandria. We want to share with you the unique experiences that this town has to offer. Our blog is to give you a quick glimpse into the many exciting adventures that Old Town has to offer. Come join us for a tour to get an even more detailed and memorable experience of our hometown. 

Segway Tour in Old Town Alexandria

Segway Tour ($60)

All tours begin with a short training session where we will teach you how to ride our self balancing scooter. And then it’s off to the streets! Your knowledgeable tour guide will lead you through the city on your Segway adventure! By riding on a Segway, you’ll be able to cover three times as much ground as walking! And unlike a bus tour of Old Town, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and explore the history and architecture of Old Town at a leisurely pace.

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Athenaeum walking tour in Alexandria
Morning Walk


A classic site in Old Town, included in many of our tours. Come visit us today to learn all about the Athenaeum.

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walking tour in Old Town Alexandria

Skip the Brand Name

Let’s take a journey together. We’re in the drive thru at McDonalds. One of us is crying; one of us is ordering food. I stop

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walking tour in Old Town Alexandria

Classic Alexandria

When you tell someone about a city you’ve visited, do you tell them about the hotel and flight? “Went to Paris, should have seen this

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Best of

Best Local Take Out

Summary Take out, in the world of COVID, you were the hot new thing. Everyone was offering you. Now we’re back to dining in and

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Enjoy Amazing Tours Around Old Town With A Great Team Of Expert Guides.

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