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A classic site in Old Town, included in many of our tours. Come visit us today to learn all about the Athenaeum.

Sights: Spite House

The narrowest house in America at 7ft wide. A picturesque house in Old Town built in 1830 out of spite.

Morning Walk: Wale’s Alley

Morning Walk down Wale’s Alley in Old Town Alexandria. Named after Andrew Wales Alexandria’s first brewer. Wale’s brewery had George Washington as a long time customer.

Morning Walk: Captain’s Row

Established in 1783, Captains Row is one of the most picturesque streets in Old Town, Alexandria. Many of our tours either start, end or incorporate this beautiful street into the itinerary. It is one of the few streets that still perseveres the city of Alexandria as it was 200 years ago. Enjoy this little stroll…

Skip the Brand Name

Let’s take a journey together. We’re in the drive thru at McDonalds. One of us is crying; one of us is ordering food. I stop crying – wait – one of us stops crying. You get the number 7 with cheese. I may not like it, but I sure as hell respect it. Order me…

Classic Alexandria

When you tell someone about a city you’ve visited, do you tell them about the hotel and flight? “Went to Paris, should have seen this Best Western.” But that is usually where people spend their research and money. But when they tell the story of a city, it is usually about the people, the food,…

Best Local Take Out

Summary Take out, in the world of COVID, you were the hot new thing. Everyone was offering you. Now we’re back to dining in and many have forgotten your sweet siren song. But don’t worry, ATG has got you covered. There are a lot of great restaurants in Old Town, but take out is a…

Best Coffee Shops

Summary I love espresso. There, I said it. I am a two lattes-a-day kind of human being. It’s what I need. If you make a joke about milk favored coffee since I drink lattes, well then you are cutting me to my very core. Don’t challenge my inflated sense of self-importance which happens to be…

Best Restaurants

Summary There is a great feel to the restaurants in Alexandria. The DC metro area is well known as a transplant city. Rarely will you meet someone who was born in the area. Most people just come here for work, school, military, and leave when they are ready. But the diverse background has led to…

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