Morning Walk: Captain’s Row

Established in 1783, Captains Row is one of the most picturesque streets in Old Town, Alexandria. Many of our tours either start, end or incorporate this beautiful street into the itinerary. It is one of the few streets that still perseveres the city of Alexandria as it was 200 years ago. Enjoy this little stroll on a gorgeous June morning.

Captain’s Row is now it is a tree lined oasis in what has become a very busy part of town. It is often the backdrop for many engagement, graduation or just fancy people who like photos. You are steps from the Waterfront, with both Barca and Ada’s right around the corner. Cafe Du Soleil is right there as well if you are looking for a quick jolt of caffeine. Skip the Starbucks. At the top of the street is the Atheneum, which is a great spot to visit after your stroll.

Ps. I promise to get better at After Effects.

Morning Walk: Captain’s Row

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