Skip the Brand Name

walking tour in Old Town Alexandria

Let’s take a journey together. We’re in the drive thru at McDonalds. One of us is crying; one of us is ordering food. I stop crying – wait – one of us stops crying. You get the number 7 with cheese. I may not like it, but I sure as hell respect it. Order me the McChicken to feed my inner Adonis. We eat until we hate ourselves. You can picture this right? You know why, because you can get McDonalds anywhere. You’re in the town that has been deemed one of the best small towns in America by Conde Nast and is deemed suitable by my mother’s impossible standards. I don’t blame you; it’s easy to go to the Chipotle. You don’t know any better, but we can help you with that…

But I like….

Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks breakfast
Five Guys
La Madeline

Cool, try this:

District Taco
Mishas or ESP Tea and Coffee
Farmers Market/District Taco/Lori’s Table
Mackie’s Bar and Grill
The Rub

Relative to the Alexandria area, these places are similar in price and service to any of the brand names you know. Enjoy.

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