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Take out, in the world of COVID, you were the hot new thing. Everyone was offering you. Now we’re back to dining in and many have forgotten your sweet siren song. But don’t worry, ATG has got you covered. There are a lot of great restaurants in Old Town, but take out is a fine art of finding something transportable without losing any of its quality. But don’t you worry your sweet little heart, we’ve got your recommendations for the on the go grab. There’s the usual chains in Old Town: Five Guys, Chipotle, Nando’s, Taco Bell and a Subway if you are in a pinch. But we recommend:

The Rub

Looking for a delicious chicken sandwich? Look no further. ATG likes his chicken like he likes his mood swings, mild. They have different heat options if you are in looking to make it a spicy kind of night. They have a playful menu that we can get behind and just like any self respecting chicken establishment they have chicken and waffles with a fantastic maple aioli.

ATG Recommends:

The Chicken sandwich with avocado, buttermilk ranch, lettuce and tomato. Get a side order of fries (they come with old bay seasoning if you are into that sort of thing.)

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Thai Signature

Thai Signature is a relatively new restaurant dishing out Thai-American cuisine. They have some great outdoor seating and the vibe inside is really cool. They make take out easy, just order and they will have it waiting upfront for you. It’s definitely a good place to eat, but also travels well without sacrificing any quality.

ATG Recommends:

Green Curry with tofu and vegetables

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Meggrolls serves up fried egg rolls of goodness with all kinds of comfort fare fillings. They started out as a food truck and went Brick and Mortar. Important: they fry these puppies fresh so it takes about 15-20 minutes to get your food and a couple minutes to cool down, unless you don’t need the roof of your mouth the rest of the day. So don’t show up starving and expect to eat quick, but do expect some mouthwatering goodness. The Chorizo Poblano and the Chicken Parm are my two favorites.

ATG Recommends

The Chorizo Poblano. It’s a great mix of heat and sweet. Get an order of fries and enjoy some outside seating.

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