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There is a great feel to the restaurants in Alexandria. The DC metro area is well known as a transplant city. Rarely will you meet someone who was born in the area. Most people just come here for work, school, military, and leave when they are ready. But the diverse background has led to many great food choices. There’s an amazing spread of restaurants down on the waterfront and we wanted to capture that, but also clue you in to some of the great places that may not get as much foot traffic.

Barca Pier and Wine Bar

Best outdoor seating in Old Town. It’s right on the water and you’ll probably find it on a couple other “best of” lists. It’s made out of shipping containers, which really fits the overall decor of the restaurant. The menu is Mediterranean (I know!) tapas (I know!!!!) which is as good as it sounds. The sangria is our drink of choice and belting Beyonce along the waterfront in front of small groups of strangers is our exit of choice. If this sounds like the vibe you’re looking for, be sure to check it out.

It’s another new restaurant, another restaurant on the waterfront, another Alexandria Restaurant Partners joint. But as far as the setting and quality of food for each of these places, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better. They have huge windows over looking the water and a ton of outdoor seating. We would describe their menu as classic American food with the wood fire grill being the center piece of the restaurant.

Ada’s on the River

Taverna Cretekou

One of our favorite decors of any of the restaurants that we’ve been to. It’s a Greek restaurant with a focus on food from the island of Crete. Then excellent greek aesthetic inside reminds me of that time I went to Athens- no big deal. You’re bragging; not me. The outdoor patio is awesome in the summer. You can catch a glimpse of it walking down Alfred St, and you’re immediately transported by the atmosphere. There are so many great appetizers and entrees. It’s definitely a must try.

You’ll have to call for a reservation or book online. (703) 548-8688

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Urbano has excellent and unique Mexican nom noms. Their menu is frequently updated as they are always trying new things. We were able to get cactus last time which was surprisingly fantastic. We highly recommend the breakfast tacos, and we’ll can never say no to the breakfast burrito. Urbano has a great brunch selection of classic Mexican fare to go with a wide assortment of mimosa (the plural: “mimosi” also recommended to really jump start your day).

Urbano 116

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