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I love espresso. There, I said it. I am a two lattes-a-day kind of human being. It’s what I need. If you make a joke about milk favored coffee since I drink lattes, well then you are cutting me to my very core. Don’t challenge my inflated sense of self-importance which happens to be directly tied to my espresso arrogance; I am emotionally weak. Skip the Starbucks and checkout these places.

ESP Tea and Coffee

is ATG’s favorite espresso in Old Town. This is my go to spot for my morning latte and also where we like to start our Morning Coffee Walking Tour. The staff if always really helpful and bring a ton of positive energy. They have a ton of options outside your standard espresso/coffee drinks i.e. Nutella Iced Latte, kickass hot chocolate, matcha latte and pies!

Rarely do you walk by Misha’s Coffehouse and not see a line going out the door (don’t worry it’s only about a 5 minute wait from the door). Misha’s is by the far most popular coffee shop in town. They have a wide variety of drinks and pastries available and is the local hot spot for people to do something called “work.” I think it’s French.

Mishas’s Coffeehouse


French restaurant turned boutique coffee spot. (The restaurant is actually still there as well). The inside is awesomely unique. It’s got some really great decor and overall ambiance. You can pick up a bottle of wine as well after you got your caffeine fix. It reminds me of a petite Parisian cafe. (Yeah, I’ve been to Paris no big deal. Who’s the failure now mom). Back to the coffee. The owner is super nice and makes great coffee.

Gelato and coffee under the same roof. Swing by in the morning for some coffee and great espresso. At night this place is slinging straight gelati right into your beautiful palate. But since this is my coffee list, I suppose I can just say enjoy everything this spot has to offer.

Dolci Gelati

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