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Casual outdoor drinking is the area in which we really shine. Other than Southwest Airlines, it’s the only place our emotional baggage flies free. These places are great in any weather, but we really like them for their atmosphere and drink selections. Each place has unique selection of great indoor and outdoor seating so you can check them out no matter the weather. We wanted to highlight places with great cocktails, beer selections and service.

Virtue Feed and Grain

Virtue has one of the best combination of outdoor and inside seating. There is great patio where you can often get a good spot with a view of the water. It’s great for people watching. The food is solid with great appetizers and entrees to perfectly complement your drink selection. This is our go to spot when we have friends in town for drinks.

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ATG Favorite Drink:

Blanton’s Old Fashion: virtue select blanton’s single barrel bourbon, angostura bitters, regan’s orange bitters, demerara syrup, orange twist & bordeaux cherry


Augie’s has one of the best outdoor dining spots in Old Town. It’s a little bit of a walk from the water, but it’s guaranteed to be worth the trek. They have a ton of local brews on tap and a great selection of food. Grab the cheese fries with pork belly and soak up the sun and all that cheese at an outdoor table.

ATG Favorite Drink:

They have a ton of beers on tap and it’s always rotating. So you’re on your own, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their selection.

Barca Pier and Wine Bar

Barca is on a couple of lists for ATG. It’s new, and new is always better. No matter what, always. They have a great selection of Spanish beers and drinks that fit the overall atmosphere. The Sangria is a must try. It’s on the sweeter side so it goes down real easy and just… keeps going… until you’re looking around wondering who drank all your sangria. They have some nice fire pits and lounge seating if you can get a spot.

ATG Favorite Drink:

POMELO SANGRIA – cabernet sauvignon, brandy, pineapple & grapefruit juices

STONE FRUIT SANGRIA– rosé wine, cherry, peach, orange blossom water 


Hummingbird is part of the Hotel Indigo right down on the waterfront. (It is also part of the Old Fashion Happy Hour Tour) They have a nice array of outdoor seating and a great drink selection. They have really unique old fashion made with rum. It’s definitely worth a try. The inside seating area is really nice if there is no outdoor seating, or if it’s a little chilly. And every Wednesday is Burger and Bottle night if you are in town during the week.

ATG Favorite Drink:

Mint Julep – Kentucky Bourbon / Our Garden Mint

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